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Finedine Menu

4.4 ( 4704 ratings )
Rozrywka Żywność i napoje Katalogi
Desenvolvedor: Bambulabs Inc.

Finedine Menu is a digital menu app for restaurants, which allows restauranteurs to create operational e-menus, increase sales, decrease operational costs, facilitating more accurate ordering of food via iPads.

Get your customers hungry with a visually striking, contemporary digital menu. Appetizing visuals and tasty descriptions make it easier than ever for your diners to decide what they’re hungry for.

With Finedine Menu you can:

-Create multiple menus and customize them to match your restaurant.
-Display images, videos and other details about the items on your menu such as portion sizes, prices, ingredients, allergen warnings, prep time etc.
-Make changes instantly. Add/remove items, change the theme of your menu, create new menus, change images, details and prices anytime and they will be displayed immediately.
-Create surveys for your menu to get more and better feedback from your customers and improve their experience.
-Track your customers’ favorites and successful items on your menu and promote items of your choice to improve sales.
-Display your menus in multiple languages so that you can serve all your customers easily.
-Offer complementary products like side dishes or drinks to your guests and increase sales.
-Take orders directly from the tablet to increase efficiency. You can also integrate your POS and printers to take orders faster.
-Display ads in your menu to generate more profit.

Finedine Menu is actively used in 41 countries by hundreds of restaurants.